Taraneh Mozafarian Bio

Descending from a rich Persian cultural heritage, in addition to a family of artists 
and jewelers, Taraneh Mozafarian views her art as gems.

Using different techniques and approaches Taraneh’s work is continuously 
evolving. She makes wall pieces and installations using copper and other 
unconventional material. Working with copper mixed media Taraneh finds her 
medium unpredictable and full of surprises. She feels the copper is alive and has 
its own intelligence.  She allows the piece to guide her, however the final image 
reflects the materials’ innate qualities, as well as the artist’s thoughts and feelings. Her unique artistic vision combines traditional Eastern soul with the Western mystery of abstraction.  

Presently Taraneh’s focus is on concepts such as change, expansion, and 
movement. Her earlier work focused on understanding the unknown, while her 
current focus is to experience and live life thoroughly. Reflecting a positive energy 
her work is evolving towards a rich and pure esthetic.

 “It is important for me to have a Zen-like approach to do the repetitive physical work. This meditative process takes me to a more expanded level of consciousness and I feel more connected to all existence.”