Reneh Khachetouryan

Reneh Khachetouryan is an Armenian photographer born in Tehran, Iran. He is a Graphic Designer by trade and his father who was a photographer gave him a Canon AE-1 camera when he was 9 years old. In 2008 he joined the Professional Photographers Association and won his first International Print Competition Award right out of the gate. He has won 5 back to back Best in Show Awards in his local print competitions where he was the youngest competitor each time. He has photographs hanging in cafes in Europe and Los Angeles and his passion has now turned to an obsession. “A lot of people always ask me if I have used PhotoShop on my images, I patiently explain to them that image manipulation is as old as photography. And for me I use it to express the way I felt while I was viewing the landscape at the moment. It is nothing but a means of expression, whether it is Acrylic or Oils, 120 film, a plastic Holga, or Mixed Media or Film. The end result is the same…expression. Although, I do pride myself on prints that I have made with my AE-1.”