Nasser Pirasteh Bio

Nasser is a master of stone, metal, wood, and plaster and combining elements of art, philosophy, and poetry. He studies from 1970 to 1976 at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota with a B.A. Arts & Sculpture and M.F.A. Arts & Sculpture & 3-D. He has a specialization in Public Art and Development. Graduated with distinction in both Undergraduate and Master’s programs with 4.0 GPA. Education awards and honors include: Full scholarships for both Undergraduate and Master’s programs, President’s Award, City Art Council, International Persian Association of Artists, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, plus various other recognitions. Performed as Assistant Professor of Art, 1975 & 1976. 1976, Exhibit for Master’s – Study in motion and physics. Installations included 22 sculptures (plus various other works) exploring kinetics, wind, water, and magnetism. His works include Contemporary/modern sculpture art (completed and works-in-progress) coinciding with various perspectives of philosophy, mythology, history, and poetry. Ongoing installations and exhibitions. La Jolla, California.