Khosrow (Payram) Payghamy

Born in Iran, Payram, came in first contact with photography when he was 13 years old. However his real interest at that time was focus to the cinema. At his 14 was followed lectures of art in one of the (youth cultural centers) which was founded by the wife of the Shah. For nearly 4 years was experimenting creating short films of 8 and 16 mm up to 1978 who was accepted in the cinema department of the University of dramatic arts. Two years later the war in the region resulted the closing of the University and after having completed his military obligations began to travel and in 1982 decided to settle in Paris. However, although during his studies had acquired a deep knowledge of the French cinema and French culture he was not spoking French and so were the priority of the French language studies and his employment services which would enable it to secure their livelihoods. Aware that had little chance to work in film has turned his interest in photography. In 1986 he discovered the Polaroid and that had been the turning point of his full engagement with the photography.