Farzaneh Tafghodi began her studies in plastic arts in the seventies at the Faculty of Decorative Arts in Tehran, Iran, majoring in painting. She entered the Faculty of Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1984 in the drawing and painting section. This enabled her to become acquainted with painters such as Alechinsky, Crémonnini and Pierre Carron. In the following years she experimented with various forms of painting. But being at the same time interested in contemporary movements in art, she registered in the department of plastic arts at the University of Paris VIII in 2001, studying among other things the works of such artists as Duchamp, Boltanski, Gerz, and more particularly Kiefer. In 2008 she obtained her DNSEP (national degree in plastic arts) from the Rueil-Malmaison Faculty of Arts. She has been involved in other plastic forms as well: video and scenery settings on stage and elsewhere. But painting remains her foremost passion.